Walnut, American Black | Planed all round (PAR)Juglans nigra

Walnut, American Black from Good Timber
Is this timber suitable for outdoors? American Black Walnut is very durable and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
Does this timber machine well?Walnut machines well with machine and hand tools.
Will this timber expand and contract much in use?Walnut is a stable timber and will exhibit little movement during use.
How dense is this wood?640KG/M3, fairly dense
Does this timber take paint or stain well?Walnut takes an oil, stain or varnished finish very well.
What sort of price range is this timber? top price range

American Black Walnut is medium to dark brown with darker streaks running through. It can have areas of lighter coloured sapwood. It is typically straight-grained, but can sometimes display a wavy pattern.
With an oil finish, American Black Walnut can turn a dark brown colour.

Walnut, American Black | Planed all round (PAR)

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A glue joint is where two or more boards of timber are glued together to create extra width. We can use either "biscuit joints" (small discs of timber inserted and hidden in the joint for additional strength) or "finger joints" (where the joint face is machined into interlocking profiles to create extra surface area for glue adhesion.)

Glue jointing is an industry standard practice for the supply of wide boards, worktops and shelves. We select boards with a similar grain pattern and glue and clamp them together overnight using Aliphatic resin wood glue - which is waterproof - and creates a bond stronger than the wood. We then sand the boards smooth leaving jointed boards with a barely discernible join.


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